Green Plaid Shirt

Well-produced and emotionally compelling, Green Plaid Shirt offers a truly satisfying depiction of gay life in the early ’80s (having an “open” relationship, breaking up with a lover, going through the simple routines of daily life, etc.).

With an exceptionally good-looking and talented cast, writer-director Richard Natale‘s debut feature is a definite must-see for gay male audiences.

This endearing drama depicts the lives of five gay friends — in conflict with themselves and each other — at the dawn of the AIDS era. With its themes of love and survival, Green Plaid Shirt is an enduring gay classic.

Back in 1978 everything seemed possible. For Phillip (played by the phenomenally cute Gregory Phelan) and Guy (Kevin Spirtas) there was the thrill and exhilaration of first love. For their friends Devon (Russell Scott Lewis), Jerry (Richard Israel) and Todd (Jonathan Klein), life was still an open book with so many pages yet to be filled.

Ten years later, his friends are all gone and Phillip is left alone to make sense of the joys and sorrows of his past life — as he looks hopefully to the future.

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