Beautiful Secret Episode 2 (美丽的秘密)

Twenty years ago, singer Wang Xuan had a baby out of wedlock and spent all of her money trying to treat her daughter’s illness. But ultimately, Xuan was forced to give up her daughter for adoption and to hide her secret from the world. When Xuan later tries to search for her daughter to no avail, she focuses all of her love on her stepdaughter, Xu Ruo Lin. Meanwhile, Jiang Mei Li is adopted by a family and 20 years later, she accompanies her sister to a singing competition where Ruo Lin is competing to win back her ex-boyfriend, Guan Yi, who is a producer. But Mei Li ends up winning the competition instead and becomes an overnight sensation. Will Mei Li’s stardom help her move closer to the secrets of her past?

是由柯翰辰执导,柯宜勤担任制片人,何润东、宋茜、弦子、魏千翔等联决主演的都市情感励志剧[1-2] 。该剧讲述了草根女孩姜美丽自幼被亲生母亲遗弃,长大后误打误撞被音乐制作人关毅发现了其音乐天赋,想要发掘其成为歌手,在历经一系列亲情、爱情的虐恋纠葛之后,逐渐揭开了自己的身世之谜的故事

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