The Betrayal

Irish LGBT drama

Mark and Nel's marriage is on the rocks. While Mark's insecurity escalates into violence, Nel is questioning her feelings for her best friend, Alice.

Irish short film written, directed and shot by a female-driven team, featuring music by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Ryan Vail and Conor Walsh. Directed by Kamila Dydyna and Irish Film & TV Award-nominated Natasha Waugh.

"Strong performances from the two female leads and solid work from the two directors shows an assured confidence from the cast and crew toward the project. Being a little on the long side of short allows time for the narrative’s more dramatic elements to be drawn out to a more satisfying degree and the pace is aided by a surprisingly robust soundtrack. It features tracks from Ryan Vail’s debut album “For Every Silence”, Conor Walsh’s “The Front”, tracks by OCHO and most notably, “Martha’s Dream” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis."

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