Find My Dad (平平安安)

Ping An is a cute and bubbly young boy in primary one. He grew up in a single parent family with his mother (Ping Ma) and Aunty. However, Ping Ma keeps the fact of his dads death in secret and therefore would not allow Ping An to visit his grandfather. In school, Ping An has to draw an artwork titled “My Dad” and that is when Ping An started to have doubts in his mind and started to wonder where his father went. Therefore, both Ping Ma and his aunt were speechless when Ping An started to question his father's whereabouts. Nevertheless, Ping An never gave up finding out the truth and Ping Ma got very annoyed. Ping An's aunt could not control her feelings when he started to act very pitiful, hence, personally brought him to visit his grandfather in the old folks home. That was when a series of events initiated. From the stories that were told by his grandfather, Ping An assumed that Ping Ma prohibited him from seeing his own father. Therefore, he started to suspect and evaluates the people around Ping Ma hoping to find his own father. 平安(迷你彬 饰)是一个天真无邪,人见人爱的一年级小孩。他成长于一个单亲家庭,家中只有妈妈-平妈(欧萱 饰)和阿姨照顾他。一直以来,平妈都对平安隐瞒他爸爸(品冠 饰)的一切,从中也不让平安去探望他的祖父(夏雨 饰)。 在学校上美术课时,老师给了同学们一个画画的题目‘我的爸爸’。从那一刻开始,平安就不停地问自己:“我的爸爸去哪儿了呢?”当平安向平妈问及爸爸的去向时,平妈和阿姨都不知所措,不知该怎么回答他。尽管如此,平安还是不放弃寻找爸爸的去向直到平妈觉得不耐烦了。最后,平安的阿姨还是软下了心肠,偷偷地带平安去见他的祖父。这,也卷起了一连串事件的发生。 听完祖父的辩解后,平安觉得是妈妈阻止他去见自己的爸爸。他开始怀疑在妈妈周围的人,并不停地盼望有那么一天,可以找到爸爸。有一天,他下定决心离家出走, 为的就是找到爸爸…

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