Blue Briefs

6 Gay Short Movies

A collection of six gay-themed short films about relationships and the pain of love, including:

REQUITED (directed by Sal Bardo), BOYS LIKE YOU (directed by Daniel Armando), WE ONCE WERE TIDE (directed by Jason Bradbury), REVOLUTION (directed by Abdi Nazemian), THE IN-BETWEEN (directed by Alain Hain) and FROZEN ROADS (directed by Mark Pariselli).

With Blue Briefs, Guest House Films continues the intriguing series of similarly themed gay short films that began earlier in 2012 with their Black Briefs set. Where that earlier disc explored the sinister side of gay life with generally fair-to-middling results, these "6 gay shorts about the pain of love" deliver a more consistent, heartfelt feel with a slate of well-made shorts that deal with unrequited love, coming out, jealousy and growing up gay. Like any collection of this ilk, you wind up with a few that fall short dramatically or contain clunky performances. The best of them, however, serve as a good showcase up-and-coming directors and screenwriters with plots that have a universal appeal. In other words, one doesn't necessarily have to be a gay man to enjoy them.

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