Revenge feels good!

DESCRIPTION - Brisbane, 2002. At Resolutions, imagination, vengeance and genius add up to four perfect murders and one patsy. Jay, Sarah and Luke are young and deeply disturbed problem solvers. Dawkins, an inexperienced police detective, uses them to help push his ambitions and they use him to enforce their revenge. The story unfolds through hidden-camera footage and flashbacks to a shattering conclusion. Cast – Jeremy Hynes, Jaz Muhling, Chris Palframan, Anna Rice, Matty Roberts, Mandy Skene, Marton Volep and Don Burgess, Justin Palazzo-Orr. Production Team – Errol Bray (writer, director), Michael Webb (technical director, editor), Paul Knox (director of photography), Jeremy Hynes (art director), Nigel Poulton (fight director), Bernard Houston (composer), and Richard Jordan, Maxine Mellor, Konrad Uebel and Alex Hodgins (colourist). MA. Strong language and violence.© Switchboard Arts Co-op Ltd.

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