Hidden Entities

Hidden entities is a documentary about paranormal activity. Based on the truth.

Several paranormal subjects in one movie. 1. Haunted church. A medium pays a visit to size up the church and discovers there is still a priest stuck in the confessional! What caused this priest to become negative? 2. An employee finds a doll at a recycling company. He discovers this doll has a history attached to it and a hidden surprise comes along with it 3. The struggle of a multinational has been going on for years. business is not how it should be and bankruptcy is coming closer. What is causing all this? 4. The old electrical power plant. This place speaks for itself. Throughout all the years of service it has had it’s fair share of accidents. 5.Listening at the cemetery. The Ghosthunter grabs the camera and heads of to the cemetery. Have you ever done this? Just go out and listen to what is going on at a cemetery at night.

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