Facing Genocide: Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot

The film Facing Genocide is a search into the personality of Khieu Samphan. He was the Head of state of one of the most brutal regimes ever, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. We have followed him one and half year before his arrest in 2007. He is soon facing a trial and is charged with Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Genocide. The film gives insight into his mindset, his life today and his close relation to Pol Pot. It is a unique story about an ex-leader the time before his arrest and before he is put on trial.Others appearing in the film:- Theary Seng, lawyer and victim of the Khmer Rouge. She is Khieu Samphan’s antagonist in the film and also the voice of the victims.- Jacques Vergès, Khieu Samphan’s defence-lawyer often called the Devil's advocate.- So Socheat, Khieu Samphan’s wife, who has been with him since the beginning of the seventies.- Nuon Chea, ideologist and Head of Security of the Khmer Rouge.

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