Aka "Outlier"

Margret is a police officer in a small town where nothing ever happens. Her life is perfectly monotonous, and she is happy attending to the trivial problems of the sparse population. But her happiness is shattered when she receives a call from Social Services. Nick, her fifteenyear old stepbrother, has just been expelled from boarding school. Being the only direct relative on record, she will have to take care of him. The day after arriving in town, Nick confesses to Margret that he has witnessed a murder, and swears to have caught it all on film that will need to be developed. To both of their surprise, there is no one in the pictures. The killer is simply not there. Nick starts off on the wrong foot, embarrassing his sister, who scolds him for having an overactive imagination. Margret turns to her best friend Amber for help. But Nick is determined to track down the killer, even if it means risking his own life.

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