Impact (Dampak)

"Dampak" tells the story of five siblings on a mission to seek revenge on the enemy of their adoptive father, who is a former gangster who has a hidden past.


"Dampak" tells the story of five brothers, who are raised by a martial arts master in the village who teaches them his skills so that when they are older, they will be able to help him seek revenge on his archenemy who resides in the city. The time soon comes, and the five brothers travel to the city, but are they truly prepared for what`s about to come?

This film features A-list actors such as Aaron Aziz and Farid Kamil, as well as other solid actors consisting of Intan Ladyana, Cat Farish, Juliana Evans, Scha Al-Yahya and Michael Chin.

Featuring Aaron Aziz and Farid Kamil as the lead characters, there is no doubt in the quality of their acting coupled with their characters as gangsters and fighters, which is already synonymous with both these actors.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this film is that the action scenes were all done without the aid of stunt actors, and this means that Intan Ladyana and Juliana Evans also did their own fight scenes. Credit should be given to both these beautiful actress as they were able to, with the help of beautiful cinematography, make the fight scenes look real.

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