1990 Hollywood Park Racetrack Grooms

In Your Blood is a 16 MM Documentary produced in 1990 by Filmmaker, Amy Maki.

Hollywood Park, in Inglewood, California has been a long standing iconic racetrack.
In 2017, the track was demolished to make way for a new stadium complex. Before the major change, Maki captures the behind the scenes look at the American racetrack experience from the Groom’s perspective. Maki uses a Bolex film camera and edited the film on an upright Moviola.

When thinking of the racetrack, most are more familiar with jobs such as; a trainer or jockey. In Your Blood, focuses on the grooms who are responsible for the horses’ daily needs, seven days a week.

Late Jockey, Bill Shoemaker "The Shoe", before his accident, speaks of his time as a groom and Skywalker’s Groom shows the world how to rub speed into horses. Trainer, Jack Van Berg’s Groom, demonstrates what a day in the life of a groom is like and two goofy hotwalkers show how to have a little fun on the job.

Amy Maki’s time working on racetrack provided inspiration for her most recent short film, Rub the Speed and her first film documentary, In your Blood.

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